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we bring the disco. you bring the goth.

I'm going to be a skeleton.

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this website is under construction.

the creation of this website is inspired by laura maw's prompt to read a website through the lens of Joshua Comaroff and Ong Ker-Shing's theory of horrible architecture. it is an exercise (or rather a practice) in architecting an online space that is personal, meandering, tangential, non-linear, haunted, neostalgic, and unstuck in time. it is also inspired by david bryant copeland's Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design and the tension this creates when considering maw's thesis. i am artistically inspired by paradoxes and tension/friction between ideas.


  • hauntology & the hauntobiographical
  • fountain pens & mechanical typewriters
  • interactive fiction & branching narrative design
  • obsidian & zotero
  • pirate radio transmissions
  • public transit
  • architecture
  • vinyl & cassettes

this website is: a museum, an archive, a library, a gallery, a field notebook, a diary, an autobiography, a prototype, a haunting, a garden shed, a carrier bag, an inviation.



  • Did Ye Hear Mammy Died? by Séamas O'Reilly
  • Hit Factories by Karl Whitney
  • The Empty Space by Peter Brook
  • Architecture: A Very Short Introduction by Andrew Ballantyne


listening to

  • Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
  • Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers
  • Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House
  • Going to Hell by Lande Hekt


  • beet wellington


this website is created and maintained by disco goth, a post-self local skeleton and skeletal curator.


this website is created with HTML and CSS on neocities. it is (in theory) optimized for mobile browsing. the layout is originally based on sadgrl.online's layout builder. the body font is nunito. main headings are in MyUnderwood and subheadings are in Impact Label Reversed. the skull favicon is by Icons8.