writing desk


fountain pen:

  • pen: Platinum Preppy, 05 Medium nib
  • nib: 05 Medium nib
  • converter: platinum standard
  • ink: Pilot Iroshizuku in Take-sumi (black)

paper, etc:

  • notebook: black A5 Leuchtturm 120gsm, dot grid
  • highlighter: Zebra Mildliner (grey)
  • sticky notes: grey

{eventually, i will write something here about my annotation practice.}



  • tablet: iPad Pro {gen/size}
  • tablet keyboard: iPad folio {gen/size}
  • stylus: Apple Pencil {gen}
  • phone: iPhone X {gen/size}
  • laptop: iPad Pro {gen/size}


  • handwritten notetaking app: GoodNotes 5
  • typed repository: obsidian
  • citation manager: zotero
  • code editor: vs code
  • iPad OS drawing app: procreate

{eventually, i will figure out how to directly link zotero to obsidian.}


  • mechancial pencil: staedtler mechncial pencil (2H lead)
  • highlighter: pilot frixion pastel (light blue)

{eventually, i will write something here about my annotation practice.}



  • fountain pen: kaweco sport or student to replace the cracked cap on my platinum preppy
  • converter: for whichever kaweco pen i opt for
  • highlighter: pilot frixion pastel (light grey)
  • a6 notebook: leuchtterm release a 120gsm a6 dotgrid notebook challenge
  • page flags: stainless steel book darts - tin of 50
  • label maker: punch label maker for archiving
  • date stamp:
  • sealing wax:
  • wax seal:


  • widget editor: widgetsmith

website creation tools

a list of tools that have helped me create this website: